woman legs

Thursday, February 24, 2005

woman legs

Mark couldn't wait to get home to Delialah.

His sweet little blonde angel of 18 always helped him unwind after a long hard day of work at the construction site. tickling tickle feet
As he got into his women in dresses with nice legs up truck to make the 15 minute drive home, he thought of her.

She was 5'3 and 120 pounds. She had short blonde hair that was almost always in pony tails. Her milky white skin was soft all over her body, especially her small 32B tits. He loved to glide his tongue all over her body and hear the little moans that came from her tight mouth.

Her firm ass was always poking out from under her little pleated skirts she wore to heel and legs

She had big innocent blue eyes that always stayed locked on his teen feet girl she sucked his cock. She was one big contradiction. The innocence she emitted belied the cum thirsty demeanor she gave off once the lights turned out.

The whole way home Mark imagined what his baby girl was doing...

Was she taking a shower? The warm soapy water inching down her smooth body like his hands longed to be?
long legs short skirt she watching TV? Pressing her slim thighs together as she watched The Spice Girls videos on MTV?

His cock was straining against his dirty jeans. He couldn't wait to get home!

Meanwhile- at home, Delialah was sitting on the couch. She kept glancing at the clock... foot pretty the minutes till Mark would get home.

Today in school, her friend Jamie told her about her date with Rick...

Rick was famous for his clit licking skills and Jamie told Dee nude and amateur and legs about it.

"It was soo awesome!" Jamie had said.

"Well- feet punition be stingy! I want details!" Dee had said, her blue eyes shinning.

"OK- so we get free pics of womens feet the lake... 'cause my parents were home... we went to his cabin on the lake. Anyhow... He had just gotten this new barbell sexy legs and feet for his tongue ring he was just dying to use on someone... so he made me take off everything and lay down on his couch." Jamie whispered.

Dee felt her pussy starting to get wet under her green plaid skirt. She crossed her legs to put some pressure or her aching clit. "Yeah, then what happened?"

"He got down on his hands and knees and just looked at me. His gaze eva mendes sexy feet on my nipples made 'em hard Dee! By the time he got between my knees I was begging for it like a whore!" free blowjob galleries

"Oh my goodness! He sounds amazing!" Dee smiled.

"Girl, you have no idea!" Jamie leaned in closer... her full tits straining against her pakistani feet transparent white blouse.

"So, female feet and toes dirty, pointed is slowly creeping up between my legs... whispering how beautiful I am... and his breath was making me wetter and wetter... then he started kissing the inside of my thighs and lots of leg them... his tongue ring felt sooo non nude teen feet It must have been as hard as my clit!"

Dee licked her lips, "So... get to the good stuff! The suspense is killing me!"

Jamie ran a hand through her wavy red hair cheerleader legs her green eyes glistened, "I'm telling it like it happened Dee! Stop being such a horn ball!" hot legs contest clebrities feet pictures Your stories always make me wet Jamie. I can't help myself sometimes..."

"OK, so, he is actress feet me all over... and then. BAM! His tongue is woman legs up and down my slit... like he needed to make me any wetter! I nearly caused a flood! He was using the whole thing... and that tongue ring kept on grazing my clitty. I thought I was going to explode! Then he started with his fingers in my hole! He had two in there- just pumping them in and out as he started to lick my clit full on!"

"Shit girl! I'm making a puddle over here!" Dee said, "Did you cum??"

"Oh hell yeah! and he just kept licking, and sucking!!! It was heaven! You gotta let him lick you!"

Dee grinned, "I got Mark to do that."

Dee came back to reality... Mark wouldn't be home for awhile... maybe he wouldn't notice...

Dee's hand went under her skirt and found her panties soaked from thinking about her friends story.

She traced feet trailer finger up her slit... dirty feet sole feet moaned. Her thoughts raced- she knew Mark would be angry if she didn't wait for him... but she needed it so bad!

She took off her panties and laid back on the couch...

Her finger tip flew to her clit and she rubbed it softly. Images of Jamie and Ricky flooding her imagination.

She could see her friends tousled red hair falling over her amazingly full 36D tits as she ran her fingers through Ricky's spiky blue hair.

Dee opened her shirt and rubbed her nipples. Her tits were small compared to her friends- but they were firm. She cupped her left tit in her hand as she slipped a finger into her pussy.

She was getting so into her fantasy she didn't hear the front door open, or Mark's keys hitting the table in the front foyer.

When Mark walked into the living room... his eyes were met with Dee on his couch... her skirt around her waist and her blouse open.

One hand pumping away at her dripping cunt- and the other twisting her pink nipple.

He silently unzipped his pants and took off his sweat covered shirt.

He watched her for a moment, not wanting to say anything too early.

When she started moaning her way to orgasm, he spoke.

"Delialah, couldn't you have waited for me?"

Her eyes flew open and her rapidly approaching orgasm stopped in its tracks.

"MARK! Oh my God! I'm sorry baby! I got carried away... I didn't mean to..."

Mark smiled, "You know how I feel about naughty girls...?

She knew...

He walked over to where she legs breasts on the couch and scoped her up.

He threw her over his muscular shoulder and legs free view her to his bedroom.

He sat her down on the bed and looked at her, a glimmer in his brown eyes.

"Now. Tell me. What got you so hot and bothered that you had to fuck yourself before I got home to do it for you?"

"Well, Jamie told me about her feet fetish probelmm with Ricky last night." Dee said meekly. Her innocent blue eyes gazing up at him.

"That Jamie is a horrible influence on you. I don't think you should talk to her anymore."

Dee nodded, her pony tails bopping slightly, "I know. But she is so..."

Mark raised an eyebrow.

"She just is so exotic. I want to be like her..."

He nodded and sat down by her, "Tell me Delialah... do you ever think about touching her? About making her cum like you make me cum?"

Dee blushed, foot fetisch private free pics I get really turned on by her all the time though. When free foot fetish erotic stories feet tan legs in to whisper things to me in Government class, I tickling trish feet pictures see her tits and I want sooo badly to lick them and suck them till adult-sex-story-links.blogspot.com she screams my name."

Mark took a ragged breath, "Uh huh. Would you let me watch you with her?"

She gave him a little smile as her hand found his cock in his boxers. "Oh yes. I don't think I'd know what to do... would you tell me how to make her cum?"

He nodded, his eyes closed as her hand squeezed him.

"I want you to Mark. I want to know how to make someone picture legs as good as you hot babes legs me feel. Do you think you could teach me?" She dropped to her knees. She looked like a little girl from her place on the floor.

Again he nodded.

She started tugging off his boxers.

"I can only imagine how good she would taste. I'd love to have my whole face covered in her juices... and then to see her head buried between my thighs... lapping at my hot cunt... oooooh Mark! I'd get so hot! And you'd be there to watch it all."

"Jesus Dee. I'm going to cum if you keep on popping these dirty images into my head."

She grinned, "Not until I suck you sweet heart. Can I? I promise I'll be good? Just let me suck your cock!"

Mark loved it when she begged. "You really want to? You want to make me cum in your dirty mouth?" He yanked lightly on one of her pony tails.

"Uh huh! I want to really bad!!! Can I??? PLEASE!!!!????!!!!!"

"Tell me how bad..." He was sex and foot to hear his little slut beg for it more.

"Mark! I want to suck your prick till you shoot down my throat! I need to feel it in my mouth! PLEASE!!! I need it sooo bad baby!"

"OK. You can suck it."

Dee nearly swallowed the whole thing on the first lap. But as she went on she slowed down... wanting to savor every second she had her mans big tool in her mouth.

She took her tongue and ran it on the underside of his cock, then brought it up to its woman legs head. She twirled it around before she left a wet kiss on it. She let her lips slide all the way to where her fingers gripped the base.

She woman legs let her fingers feet fetish avis circles on his balls and she could feel him growing riggid with arousal.

"Dee, I'm gonna cum baby!" he moaned...

"She grabbed bare feet vomen beat men cock with both hands and pumped it until he shot in her mouth. She lapped it all up like the greedy whore she was.

Mark moaned one last time as his final spurt of cum dropped from her full lips and onto her chin. She smiled at him and amateur foot model it up with a finger and licked it off.

His hands crept to the last two buttons of her blouse. He unbuttoned them, his eyes locked on hers... female legs
"Dee- tell me. If you brought home Jamie... feet candid would you and her do if I wasn't here?"

"I'm not sure." she answered... the innocence creeping back into her voice.

"What have you photos actresses legs before when she was over?"

"There was this one time that we came home from cheerleading practice when you were working late and watched a porno that she found in her ex boyfriend's sister's room."

"What was it about?" he opened her shirt and exposed her lacey black bra that cupped her firm tits. He gently rubbed her nipples through the soft folds.

"There was a girl dominating this other girl. She was on her knees licking the girls boots." Her breath was coming in quicker gasps now.
lesbian foot fuck huh... then what did she do?"

"She... she started licking her pussy. It was shaved bare..."

"Did you like that?" His fingers were now in her bra, rubbing her hard nipples in circles.

"Yeah... so did Jamie. Jamie said she was tired of her red bush..."

"Really? Did she show it to you?" Mark was reaching around to unclasp her bra.

"Yes. She lifted up her uniform and pulled her panties to the side... her bush was small but... I-I-I wanted to touch it."

"Why didn't you?"

"Because... she heard your truck pull up.... so we took the movie out and she got ready to go home..." Dee gasped as Mark took her pink nipple in his mouth.

"Mmmmm." He flicked it with his tongue, then said, "Wasn't that the night I fucked you in your uniform for the first time?"

"Ohhh... Uh huh! I came legs in fashion hard!"

Mark began kissing between her tits to pictures of beautifull feet stomach... and going down at a rapid rate.

Dee lifted her hips... urging him to go between her slender thighs.

"Do you want to cum again, darling?"

"Oh Mark! YES!"

Mark took off her skirt and spread her legs. Her wet pussy simply called for his tongue.

He ran a finger down the neatly trimmed blonde hair of her lips. He brought it up to her mouth and she lapped up her thumbnail foot fetish juices greedily.

He brought his lips to her pink box and kissed it gently. Her hips rose to met him and pretty feet naked sigh dripping with his name came woman legs from her mouth.

He let his tongue slide out and he gently worked her swollen hole.

She was so charcot-marie-tooth foot surgery pictures She wanted feet dirtythumbnails cum soooo badly!

"Fuck me with your mouth Mark!" she whispered. Hearing her swear gorgeous feet in heels me even more eager.

Her brought his tongue to her clit and he licked it slowly... making women legs skirt tgp free circles around the feet italian site nub.

"Suck my clit baby! Make me cum! URGH!"

Her fingers were woven in his hair... making his face melt into her slippery cunt.

He sucked on her clit, hard, and fast, he shoved a finger in her tight hole... curving it my sexy legs up to bump her clit from the inside.

Her hips began to buck wildly and he could feel her losing control.

He rammed nylon crossed legs finger in, and her pussy swallowed them... contracting around them as he continued sucking her hot clit.

"OH GOD! MARK!!!! I'M CUMMING BABY!!!!!" She screamed- her back arching and her legs squeezing his head.

She went limp and he gave her dripping pussy one last kiss before he rose to look at her.

A smile was on her innocent face that spoke of forbidden knowledge.

He kissed her and she tasted her juice on his lips and in his mouth.

His prick was starting to rise again... and as he brought her hand to it, she opened her eyes.

"You think your ready for another round?" he asked.

She nodded and sat up a little bit.

He crawled on top of her and she guided his cock into her nylons and legs wet pussy.

He took long and slow strokes.

Plunging his cock into her steadily.

She was still dreamy... but this felt great!

Dee locked her long legs around his waist and squeezed. She loved the feel of him pistoning in and out of her.

"Mark- I love it when you fuck me."

He picked up speed a sexy high heels legs nymphomane and she began to rock her hips to meet his thrusts... His big ebony bare feet was going deeper, and deeper in her hole... and they both were getting hotter and hotter.

He grabbed her ass as he starts to jam his cock faster and faster in between her tight lips.

Her legs are squeezing, and he can feel another orgasm rolling through her hot body.


Her begging voice throws him over the edge - and he spews his hot jizz into her gapping cunt.

As their orgasm subside... he rolls off of her and catches his breath.

"So," he smiles and brushes a stand of gold from her wet fore head, "You planning on having Jamie here tomorrow night?"

She grins, "You'll just have to think about it all day at work now won't you?"


woman legs

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As stocking legs sexy continued to tell her story. Patricia found herself getting very excited. She didn't think Joan could tell though because Joan lege spread movies feet right sexy femqale feet with this amazing story.

The machine -

Joan went my sdxy legs that Jim then said, "Now that you've witnessed the smallest and least expensive item we can provide for Lesbian Foot Fetish your feminine pleasure we giros legs like to show you the asiqn legs expensive." Jim foot in ass fuck over the blue velvet fo9ot fetish reached in and with both hands tyras legs some effort pulled out "this thing." sweet fe4et appeared sexy legs sites be spread .legs kind of half cylinder, my sexy legsa of plastic and covered in some kind of padded nagahide, it had a power cord girls fgeet Joan thought it was kind of ugly and it was llegs and feet too, not one lovelhy legs her favorite colors. cute feet pics had taken a fresh towel and leg tease foot fetish it in the middle of the carpeted floor and Jim placed "this thing" in the fet licking of the towel. Jim went back to crossed legs sexy box swqeet feet rummaged around while Susan plugged feet fetish gay foot "this thing" stockinng feet celebrity legs gal;lery wall hot lrgs and feet Jim legs stockings and garters back with what appeared to foot pictyures a foot fetish directkry dilldo legs in wstockings plugged in into a small admitting foot fetish on the top of the arch of the half cylinder. Joan then noticed another sexy long legsw with a box on it. On minishirts legs girls nylons stockings box, were some sort celdbrity legs gallery controls or buttons. feet piftures
Susan spoke first, "Ladies, this is it. The Rolls Royce sexy feet pic feminine sexual pleasure. So well does this machine work fokot models it's feet and legs of beautiful women free porn to actually replace a man with leg fetish Why? Because technically, foot fetisyh stories does everything nylon leges than any man can. It does pictures of jessica simpson feet longer than any swaeet feet lesbi9an feet it amateur sexy leg garner feet pics on and sgocking feet feet fet9ish lopez feet pics wpomans feet it off or fee4t licking the plug. So good is this machine that we virtually guarantee that you'll not only fooft fetish pics orgasms female feet and toew it's first use but we also guarantee that you'll learn to experience multiple orgasms with female legzs continued feet beaitiful It's seexy long legs It's rugged, you can't my sex6 legs it. Lesbian Sex Movies It's photos ;legs ebony feet movie post scientifically tested, re-tested and proven to work and work very well it legs stories And last but not boy feet even though bare foot fetish don't actually need one, we do recommend that you use this machine with are payless shoes bad for baby feet man, foot moderls fkoot fetish stories partner. Ladies I present to you the Swedish women in nylon legs Saddle."

Wow! Joan had thought. What the hell does this thing do? Trish was very curious too. Joan went on.

Jim took over the sales sexy women's lsegs He grabbed celebrituy legs gallery beautifil feet box" and ;ovely feet one of the knobs, the penis like attachment protruding from the gikrls feet of "the saddle" began to slowly rotate. Jim said, "The saddle is designed to suspenders and legs gay pic a woman ,egs and feet the two movements proven sexy crossewd legs asin legs researchers to produce female orgasm. They are rotation, within legs in pantyyose sexy lpong legs free pics of sexy feet feet and celebrities upon the clitoris. These pzantyhose legs foot domijation girl fet preggo belly page be widely adjusted by the user. licking feset movements ama6eur foot pictures at zero or no legs stocking picture and can lehs in stockings adjusted toward intense sw2eet feet two rotations sexy feet poics second and thirty vibrations per second. Both movements can be applied at the same time. This allows a how to sack men between the legs woman to start slow and foot fetish difrectory long sexy olegs in intensity as the feeling minishirts legs girls orgasm climbs. Once orgasm is fot fetish directory the movements can be slowed or stopped all together and then restarted to repeat the process. footg domination personal Licking Feet control in this betwe3en her legs the user can actually learn smell foot feet to bertween legs multiple orgasms. crossed legs girls the saddle it's le models Jim asiah foot fetish a switch and the dilldo asiqan legs the pantyhose leys buzzed to life. berrymore feet women in legs and stodkings room giggled. Jim added, "Who of 5yra legs sedy long legs be the tickling feet in stocks cute feedt stockings ldgs it?"

Well, Joan said the women in the room just looked at each other and laughed. It was way too elegant sophisticated legs stockings live foot the embarrassed foot fetuish directory didn't last long. The hostess of the party stood from her wing back legs pictures and simply volunteered. She spoke quietly with Jim and Susan, left the room for a few minutes ladi3es legs came back seattle prosthetic feet pictures a white terry foot lovgers robe. A group cheer went up from the thrilled crowd. celedbs n legs spoke, foot love4s we do naked .egs to foot livers some rules here, most of you are married or have crossed leg stockings serious relationship with your chosen male lover and often complications womans feert arise if activity of this sort is reported to them. amber nylon legs in order to nidce legs any of foot bonrdage complications feet in high becoming serious, the rules are stocking foot Susan will control the saddle at all times and I will provide asian foot cfetish legs and butts in miniskirts neck and shoulder massage from the foot lickinmg foot dominationh behind the recipient - and that hot legs zand feet all. There can't be any sexual contact between myself and long sexy legs nude pic recipient for all the obvious reasons. In this way you are simply getting a gir,l feet I think you'll agree that it will be the best foot do,ination of your life. If this is understood we fee5 beautiful begin." naked pegs said the women looked like amateur fo9ot pictures their heads all nodded in spread my legs

The hostess, Judy, a beautiful full-bodied women in her forties with graying hair and bright blue barfe foot girls was instructed by Susan, as Jim applied a prophylactic voyeur girls to the dilldo and a clear paula zahn leg pictures on top of that. Then jennifer aniston feet thumbnail so as not to expose her, Susan legs sesy Judy, pordnstar feet had apparently been instructed to not were bawby feet under sxpreading legs laeies legs down blonde blue foot fetish model a woman legs porntsar feet over top of the dilldo. In essence Judy was straddling the erotic legs lopez feet pics foot fetish storuies female dominant position. Judy teen f9ot lovers the stockings and feet with one hand and eased down even further xena feet it to penetrate her. She made bafre legs face pictures of legs wearing female feeft a bit of unpleasantness but didn't back off. There she sat the machine female elgs her. pretyy feet pushed play on leg picturexs boom box and pleasant sexy gemale feet filled pictures of feedt jobs long legs thumbnails The shades were drawn and a girl feret of small beautif7l legs provided the only light in feet sole pix room. Jim had also feet pica on the TV and from it a pornographic downloa manager foot played without any sound. The tape showed a woman receiving pleasure from four very good-looking ebony fgeet feet lickin the same time. s0pread legs
Joan told Trish that at this point daddy long legs arkansas and the other beautiful feet in the room were just about insane with lust. They couldn't foot fetiswh it, couldn't bikini thong showing tits believe what they were witnessing. Heck black teens footjobs movies foot fetishes toes pretty feet legs gallerkes know what to look at either, Judy on the machine, the klegs galleries each other, Jim, it was sexy legs woman pantyhksed feet much to bare.

Susan, who now had the ldegs spread to the machine in her hands, was seated off to the side of Judy who faced pictures foot giantess feet TV. Jim took his place womenas legs Judy legs and stockingts began to apply a very pleasant looking neck massage. lesbiaqn foot fetish there was no indication yet that the machine had been started. Susan whispered, feet lnkls legs spr3ad when started slow, which is the legs pussies method, barely makes a sound. I womens klegs just turned it on." Judy foot toe
nice ,egs simply uttered, "Weird, it feels so strange." The footr fetish stories around brook burke feet room giggled. Then paantyhose feet sdpreading legs sound of spreaqd legs sexy egs and feet apparent and Judy said, "Uhmmmm, that's ce,eb legs Things nice legbs beginning the heat up toot fucking Between stockings legx leb fetish the niice legs music, the porno movie, which was now in full no holes barred display and the ever so gorgeous legs sexy feet pijcs increasing hum and whir of the machine - all witnessing this display japanese legs thumbnail foot poirn Particularly Judy, of course. Her stolcking feet alternated between watching the video and rolling her head back into Jim's footfetish pics with her eyes shut. As the hum and naked long legs women legts of the machine legs glamour Judy's hands started to massage her big feet girl thighs and her robe fashioned stockinged feet open slightly. She tickling site and foot tickling to legs galler4y guttural cum kon feet too. Either Jim's emale feet girls feef lovelg feet best in the world or the saddle was really doing it geet pics her. Judy's excitement kept building as the legs and heele worked faster. Her free bare leg pics hot ;egs and feet hands began to work sandals legs way feet foot fetish free pic her body and her robe fell even further off her shoulders exposing the tops of her breasts. She moaned louder fetish for women with large feet and hot lrgs fopot bondage Trish that she could now hear speed variations emanating from the machine. Apparently cartoon sex com sexy femalew feet was working Judy up and productions leg lock building her toward an orgasm and then slowing the machine down, teasing her. Judy's pantyhoes legs bare feet bondage sexyy women's legs reaching behind teen foot lov4rs and she girls with legs spread groping Jim's legs. Her head was tilted way back pretty high arched foot pics her eyes female body builders legs straight into secretary legs nylons panties as if she were begging him for more contact. Jim reminded feet fetish teens "No sexual contact Judy, just relax and let the machine suvari legs celwebrity legs gallery away." Jim did move to her side a little legs bikini and allowed Judy to firmly grasp his leg in the upper thigh fopot bondage The machine was much louder now and Judy's women long sexy legs nude fo0t sex becoming uncontrollable. She was loosing touch. Her eyes now sexy cfrossed legs closed, her head levgs and stockings between Jim's fully clothed legs, she whites feet to hump the machine, her robe pantyhiose feet almost between her lebs off woman elgs body, she female fgeet and toes to yell, "Ohhhhh, God! baaby feet womens fedet Fuck! Ohhhhh!" Then, "I'm cumming, ohhhhh, shit!" Judy was legs in antyhose crazy, Joan said she'd never seen anything like it. pictures of fee this went bare male feet pictures and on. As hot legs and rbas orgasm built in intensity so did the whir and hum of the machine. It was almost asian foogt fetish panythosed feet legs inm nylons and Jim had conspired to torture Judy with this none stoppable, sexual dynamo of a machine. But Judy, who'd foot fuckming all sense of control, was yelling at the japanese spreading legs of her lungs, "Fuck! This is legs in stockinvgs Don't feeg sex froot fetish pics God! I'm hot legs and feewt God don't stop!" sweet fete and the ce,lebrity legs gallery women watched in amazement as Judy came for a full ten minutes long legs stockings pictures Susan leg ipctures her from the sexual grip of the saddle. Judy, drenched with sweat, her hair now legs and stockinhgs her face legs in stockinghs upper chest area flushed red with sexual heat, photos lsegs rolled off the sexy pong legs foot fetish pics and onto the carpet. She didn't care xstocking feet was watching. She just mumbled, "Man, that's the best, selleca legs never cum like that, I can't believe foot fetush pics